Spilt Gravy

‘Spilt Gravy’ cinematic release set for 9 June 2022

The long-awaited black comedy Spilt Gravy / Ke Mana Tumpahnya Kuah… is finally scheduled for a cinematic release on 9 June 2022. Initially deemed Not Suitable for Public Viewing (TUT) by the Malaysian Censorship Board (LPF), its filmmakers revised the film several times, finally gaining approval in March 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic however took over from 2020-2021, further delaying the film by another 2 years.

The film will be previewed to members of the Malaysian media at 10:00am in Dadi Cinema, Pavilion Bukit Bintang on 24 May 2022. Arts, culture and heritage writers are welcome to join the press premiere by contacting spiltgravy@gmail.com.