Spilt Gravy

The Vibes: “Sean Ghazi hopes audience will have an open mind when watching Spilt Gravy”

(English translation of Wafa Aula‘s article for Getaran, first published in The Vibes on 25 May 2022.)

Singer and actor Sean Ghazi hopes that his performance as a gay man in the upcoming film, Spilt Gravy (Mana Tumpahnya Kuah in Malay) will not be too provocative for audiences. 

Sean argues that every character brought to life in the script has a significant and hidden message to be understood.

Moviegoers are asked not to rush to condemn the character, but to instead watch how the story of the film unfolds with an open mind.

“As an actor, it is my job to respect the writing, script and characters that I bring.

“This film tells about the family and also the country of Malaysia. For me, Malaysia is a modern family. Therefore, in a family, not everyone will have the same views and tendencies. I hope, people can watch it with an open mind, ” he said when met by Getaran at the press conference for the release of the movie on Tuesday. 

Sean, who most famously sang the song Ku Impikan Bintang, says he is ready for the audience’s reaction when the film is released to cinemas on June 9. 

“I am ready if there are comments that are not pleasant to hear. I just hope it’s not too cruel,” he said with a smile. 

Spilt Gravy is based on the stage play of the same name – staged in 2002 – that was written by the late playwright and performer Jit Murad. He has a small role in the film. 

Datuk Zahim Albakri, who stars and directs, adapted this work into a film but had to wait for several years to get approval from the Film Censorship Board (LPF). After five rounds of edits over a decade, the film was finally given screening approval with an age classification of PG-13. 

Unfortunately, Jit Murad did not have time to see the results of his writing because he passed away in February. Recalling the event, Sean described the script as a special work that brings a fresh perspective to Jit Murad and is still significant, despite being released more than ten years after it was produced. 

“Watching this story again today, it gave me a bittersweet feeling. I hope he’s here. If he is still alive, he will definitely be proud,” Sean added.

Spilt Gravy tells the story of a father who doesn’t have much time left to live. He invites his five children for one last dinner together to talk over the secrets that have plagued their family.

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