A collection of Dato’ Kamaruddin Zaman’s family photos from the ’70s.

Bapak with (from top left, clockwise) Hawa, Roslinda, Salamiah and IPGM.
IPGM with her daughter Kalsom.
Bapak's third wife Roslinda with her son Darwis.
Bapak with his fifth wife Hawa and their daughter Zaitun.
Bapak with the whole family.
Bapak with his second wife IPGM.
The mothers on a day out with the kids.
Bapak with his five children (from top left, clockwise) Darwis, Husni, Zak, Kalsom and Zaitun.
Bapak with his fifth wife Hawa.
Bapak with his second wife IPGM and their daughter Kalsom.
Zaitun with her older sister Kalsom.
Bapak with his fourth wife Salamiah and their son Husni.
Salamiah with her son Husni.
The family chaffeur Nordin.
Bapak's grown-up children (from left to right) Zak, Husni, Zaitun, Kalsom and Darwis.
Bapak with the whole family, including Zaitun's husband Sam, her daughter Lily, and Darwis' former wife, Aini.