The successful handsome architect that is every parent’s dream, so surely there must be something wrong…right?

The most successful member of the Kamaruddin clan, by any measure, is Husni and he knows it. In fact, after years of winning prizes, receiving accolades and always being the best at whatever he puts his mind to, he is absolutely certain, almost 100 percent sure, well, most probably at least… if it was not for that ‘one small thing’…he would be the best child in the family and Bapak’s favourite. However, for years now, ever since he found out that ‘one small thing’ had a name, he has kept it secret, especially from his family, locked in his closet but rather than just disappear like he hoped it would, that ‘one small thing’ has grown into this enormous ‘thing’ as Zaitun would call it. On this single day of upheaval and family reckoning, that ‘thing’ looks like it’s about to burst out of Husni’s closet and expose his secret to the world!